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Some people say that there's never been a book published without typo's or grammatical errors. That may be, but proofing is one of the most important functions in the publishing process. We take pride in the finished product, all the while recognizing that spelling may differ from place to place and some rules of grammar create stilted prose.

A Grave above Ground

A Beggar's Tale

 by Diana Hutton

What happens to a young woman when she suffers a total eclipse of the heart?

We are in Spain as we follow the life, thoughts and dreams of Mara, a Romanian beggar who sits, day after day, on the pavement outside a bank in Madrid. Little by little her past takes shape, her tragic past, as she thinks on the members of her family, as she describes the village of her childhood, the hardships of Ceausescu's Romania, her relationships - one of which was her downfall. She takes the reader through her happy but troubled youth, her loves and follies, an unwanted pregnancy, the sordid kidnapping of her child by the Romanian authorities and the fruitless search for her baby in the Bucharest orphanages. Her flight from Romania, abuse as a refugee and illegal immigrant throws her life into a sad downward spiral. After years of begging and loneliness, fate rescues her through a ‘flu epidemic and she lands comatose in the caring environment of a small Madrid hospital. After all this, can she find the strength to escape from the depths into which she has fallen? Mara's is a tale of sadness, of a woeful start to life and an ambiguous ending.

Unique, sad and sometimes darkly humorous, A Grave above Ground is all about awakening, insight into the how easily life can change and the beauty and limits to the healing power of love and caring.

The Biocide Conspiracy

Salvation Jane

Let's get something straight. You are the author. It is your book, play or whatever. We can make some suggestions on how to improve it, but we can't and don't want to write it for you. Just imagine how much time that would take and when it was done, who would be the real author. If and when you are satisfied with it, then show it to us. 

There is no doubt today that distribution and marketing are extremely important. The reality is that marketing is primarily the responsibility of the author. We provide advice and encouragement based on considerable experience and research into marketing options, from web-based to personal book-signings and readings.


Air Travel Claims - A Guide to Rights and Responsibilities (& short edition)

Beginnings: Where A Life Begins



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  • Under The Boardwalk2:42
  • I've Gotta Be Me2:58
  • Come See About Me2:44
  • A Whiter Shade Of Pale4:04

We really like print books. They are precious and are cared for. But today, publishing  paperbacks and hardbacks has become a luxury, especially in a tough economic climate. Indeed, some parts of the world have embraced e_books more than others. So digital publishing is becoming pervasive we believe that there is a place for both.


Yelp! A Time-Travel Fantasy

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The White Amah

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